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Benefits of a Home Safe

You see it in the movies all the time; home safes hidden behind walls, under staircases and inside of secret rooms. You might be thinking that having a safe at home is for the rich, or for some underground drug kingpin. Sure, those people may have one at their home but ordinary folks like you and me can too! Here in Temecula, CA we live on an affluent part of the state, but the truth is that ordinary people can affordably and very easily contain their valuables inside a home safe, as well.

Inside your safe can be anything of value that you like, including jewelry, collectibles, cash, documents, guns, treasured heirlooms and lots more. A safe not only protects your property from burglars, it can also shield your “stuff” from fire, flood, wind, dust and from the curious. Let’s take a closer look at just what can be stored in your home safe and why.


Everyone’s first choice is cash! We all need money to live on and nowadays most of it tends to be electronic. We swipe a plastic card or enter a series of numbers in an online form and “boom” we have just made a purchase or a payment. Once in a while though, having real spendable cash comes in handy. This can be used for tips, food delivery, emergency medical care, baby sitters, handymen, dog walkers, emergency car repairs, tax bills, charity donations, job loss survival and even for funeral arrangements. Getting to the ATM is not always possible; in fact they are down many of the times. Emergency cash can be invaluable during bad weather, health crisis and other times when getting out to a bank is just not feasible.


While not exactly money, important documents are also good to store in your home safe. Some examples of these could be birth certificates, duplicate licenses, passports, appraisals, tax returns, receipts, titles, diplomas, mortgage notes, bonds, stock certificates, court papers, insurance papers, warranties and even death certificates. Many of our Temecula Locksmith customers even save their password codes, key codes and flash drives in their home safe for better protection and easy access.


While this may be controversial for many, having a gun in the house is vital to home security according to many Temecula, CA residents. Our family owned shop offers gun cabinets, gun safes and other places to keep firearms but many locals prefer to keep a handgun or other weapon locked in the house safe.

By doing this, it keeps it somewhat handy and always out of reach of small children that might live in the home or be visiting. Keeping loaded weapons lying around at home is not a good idea. In fact, every year accidental shootings and domestic disturbances lead to deaths and injuries simply because of the easy access to loaded weapons in the home.

Family heirlooms and jewelry

What better place to keep jewelry, watches and investment grade diamonds than the home safe? Safes give protection from theft, weather, visitor pilfering, and even from dust. Expensive watches, necklaces, bracelets and other items seen at galas and concerts are often well made fakes while the real items are still at home, in the family safe! People who collect or sell estate jewelry, loose gems and investment-grade diamonds also need a place to keep them secure until they can be appraised, sold or displayed.

Treasured photographs, family heirlooms and mementos are often kept in the home safe. They can always be brought out for viewing or for distribution upon death but in the meantime; they are secure in their home vault. In fact, many insurance companies will require that important items be kept secure in a safe of some kind before a policy will be issued. Other important items that are perfect for keeping in the safe include photographs, old letters, antique items, keepsakes, artwork and even smaller valuable items from travel and favorite trips.

Safes and Crime!

It’s a myth that adding a home safe will invite burglary. After all, if you have items worthy of keeping in a safe, they MUST be important, right? Actually, what is vital to some is not so important to others. A bundle of love letters from your grandparents might mean the world to you but get nothing from an art dealer. Safes can be hidden from plain view using stealthy methods that are hardly noticeable, even by people living in the home.

Temecula Locksmith specializes in home lock and key service including safe sales, placement and service. We offer free consultations that can alert you to the best locations in the home to put your safe according to your security needs and wants. We also offer safe selection help so that you get and use the appropriate size and type of safe for your valuables.

Wall Safes

Wall safes are so commonly seen in the movies and television that we naturally think of them first. Wall safes can be installed under stairs, behind book cases, in back of wall art, behind a tapestry and even inside a panic room!

Free Standing Safe

This is another option for you to consider. While they are not hidden from view, free standing safes are usually so big and heavy that to steal them or even to access them is a major undertaking and not for amateurs. You often see free standing safes in luxury hotels or in some art galleries and museums. Many homeowners have them in less traveled parts of the house like home office closets and basements.

Floor Safes

Floor safes are less common and have to be built in to the home but are so effective at keeping your items secure and hidden from plain view. If you’ve watched the hit show “Revenge” a floor safe is shown in almost every episode.

Purchase Options

You can purchase your home safe almost anywhere. Safe dealers and gun shops offer them as do home improvement stores and online shopping choices like Amazon and E-bay. Of course, your local residential locksmith shops like Temecula Locksmith are always good options since you are eliminating the middle man and can get installation, service and warranty protection at the same time.