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Finding the Right Garage Door Lock

It isn’t often that you will see a lock on a garage but if you have a detached garage that is used for storing things, such as boats, camping equipment, power tools, etc., it may be necessary to protect it with a lock. These are all very valuable things and they should be protected.

There are tons of locks that can be used to protect your valuables. Burglars may think that since your garage is behind your house, away from anyone who can see it, they stand a better chance of getting into your garage without anyone seeing them. Knowing that there is a lock on your garage door should give you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your valuables are protected against any type of intrusion.

You should only rely on the services of a trustworthy and dependable Temecula, California locksmith, such as Temecula Locksmith. Even though there may already be a lock on your garage door, it usually isn’t durable enough to protect you from a break-in. When you have a good, sturdy and durable lock added to your existing lock, you stand a better chance of preventing anyone from breaking into your garage. Another layer of protection can’t hurt. Before finding out what types of locks would be best for your garage door, why not take notice of the things you should consider before buying a lock for your garage door.

Garage Door Locks Should Have the Following:

1. Functionality

Consider how functional you will need your new lock to be. Will you need to unlock it from inside or will it be possible to lock it from outside? Will you have a key lock or combination lock installed on the door? Both offer a different type of functionality in order to open and lock. Only you can determine the level of functionality you desire to have.

2. Durability

If a lock isn’t durable then it is useless. Make sure whichever type of lock you put on your garage door that it is durable. The more durable the lock, the harder it will be to break it.

3. Cost

It is true that there is some locks that cost more or less than others. You will have to decide how much you can afford to invest in to secure the things stored in your garage. Shop around because it may take a while before you find a quality lock at a price that you are willing to pay.

4. Installation

Just like you would be wise to shop around for the most durable garage door lock possible. It is also important that you find a reliable locksmith in Temecula, California to properly install your garage door lock. If it isn’t properly installed, it will not be able to keep out intruders.

Possible Garage Door Lock Options

1. Keyless Digital Locks

Many people appreciate the convenience that a keyless digital lock affords them. Simply key in the correct code and viola! You’re able to program your keypad yourself in order to remember the code. Programming your own code also enables you to change the code whenever you like. It is a generally safe lock option since it is impossible to pick this sort of lock. You also receive a generous lifetime warranty against damages.

2. Deadbolt Locks

These types of locks offer the most resistance to intruders. They are reinforced, durable locks. A deadbolt lock is generally installed on a door with an existing lock. This enables you to reinforce the level of security. You can only access this lock when it is in the open position. They are offered in single and double cylinder types.

The single cylinder is the most widely used because the double cylinder requires that a key be used for both sides of the door. There is also a spring bolt deadbolt lock, which uses a spring that can be broken into if too much pressure is placed on the spring. It is more difficult to break-into your with a deadbolt lock, most intruders will simply pass yours by for one without a lock.

3. Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are designed using advanced technology. It uses electronic fingerprint recognition to unlock and lock the door. You never need to wipe out a key, ever again, in order to open your garage door. An electronic lock will enable you to problem several fingerprints at one time. This enables several people in your home to utilize the lock for entry into your garage. It is best if you allow a certified locksmith to install the electronic lock instead of attempting to do it on your own. An electronic lock can be more costly than the others but it is well worth the extra expense. You certainly get your money’s worth when you buy an electronic lock for your garage door. It is worth the investment.

4. Side Door Bolt

This is one of the most popular options for garage doors. It is installed on the inside of your door and is difficult for a burglar to compromise the lock. There is a slot and bolt that are attached to the track of your garage door. The door will only lock once the bolt is correctly placed inside the slot. This lock makes is almost impossible for someone from the outside to open the door. Even though it doesn’t sound like there is much to this lock, it is a very effective lock option for your garage door.

5. T-Handle Lock

You will generally see these types of locks on metal garage doors. This type of lock doesn’t use a standard key. The mechanism to open it is cylinder shaped. It is a great option since this sort of key isn’t easy to duplicate.

Since this is an important decision that involves your being able to protect your valuables, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do a little homework prior to purchasing your new garage door lock. Only purchase a lock that affords you the peace-of-mind you deserve in knowing that your things are safe.