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If you own or manage a local Temecula, CA business, pay close attention to these words. Panic bars just might be in your best interest. If you already have them, you’ll appreciate them all the more. If you don’t have panic bars installed, at least look into possibly adding them to your building. With every security appliance, there are pros and cons. But with panic bars, we have yet to see any drawbacks!

So, what are panic bars?

Panic bars are one of those items where everybody sees and recognizes them, yet few know what they really do, and why. Here at Temecula Locksmith we sell, service, repair and install this useful security hardware on a regular basis. Panic bars are so beneficial; they are often required by local building codes and fire departments.

Panic bars also go by other names; crash bars, exit devices and push bars. They are those metal bars that are horizontally installed on back doors of local businesses. They are present here in Temecula, CA and all over the country. We bet that you’ve used panic bars hundreds of times; probably without ever thinking about it.

You can find panic bars all over town; in restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, dry cleaners, grocery stores, retail shops, fine dining establishments, nursing homes, medical offices, shoe stores, bakeries, gas stations, public libraries, schools, fast food locations, churches, and thousands more! Their prevalence is one thing, but it’s what panic bars do that impresses; they allow people to exit a building or portion of a building without having to turn a door knob. Panic bars allow you to simply push on the bar and open the door with a simple nudge.

Once engaged, the panic bar unlocks the door and opens it allowing people to exit faster and easier, all at the same time. Crowd flow is a tricky thing and done wrong, it can have disastrous effects. Panic bars help human traffic move faster, smoother and with less commotion. These helpful bars are always on the INSIDE of a door that opens outward so that those leaving the building are usually not met by anyone coming into the area. If you’ll notice, panic bar doors almost never have door knob on the other side.

Are panic bars a requirement?

They might be. Each locality is different. In some places panic bars are an option while in others, they are a must-have according to the fire codes and building regulations. It’s best to check with your fire department, builder or architect as each locale is unique and subject to different safety and building requirements. On a normal basis, panic bars offer convenience and ease of use. They not only unlatch the door when you push against them, they unlock and open it too.

Now, imagine if a fire, shooter or other disaster happened inside a building. A fast and orderly exit will be needed and panic bars help facilitate that almost immediately. It’s no wonder that their use is so accepted and widespread. Bottlenecking traffic and stampedes are responsible for deaths and injury when panicked crowds are forced to move quickly. When panic bars are installed and used, the incidents of disastrous crowd movement are greatly reduced.

Can you afford panic bars?

Like many business items and upgrades, panic bars can sometimes be expensed as a cost of doing business or as an upgrade to the property you own or manage. There are many tax professionals in Temecula, CA that can give you additional details and further tips on how to do this. At any rate, panic bars are not expensive and can certainly make a huge difference in both security and convenience at your company.

You don’t need large crowds going through your establishment either. Panic bars can be found in less trafficked firms like bookstores, luxury hotels, boutiques and cafes for example. Talk to your property manager, builder, or construction manager, and see what is involved in adding commercial panic bars to your Temecula business.

You can buy panic bars online, from your local commercial locksmith, or from home improvement and builder outlet stores. Like other commercial hardware, be sure to shop around for best pricing. Our locksmith shop offers free price quotes and free consultations as do many other local lock and key establishments. If buying and installing multiple devices, you might qualify for a volume discount. When factoring in the cost of adding panic bars to your Temecula, CA business, don’t forget to consider warranty coverage, installation charges and maintenance contracts or fees.

Are panic bars perfect?

Are panic bars the perfect hardware for your business? Is anything perfect? Like any mechanical device, panic bars can malfunction. They can sometimes lock-up. If this occurs, you can be delayed opening or closing your business for the day. For the do-it-yourselfers, there are ways around this.

Online videos by the dozens show how to unlock your panic bars. There are many brands and manufacturers of these exit devices but they are mostly similar in construction and design. Be sure to keep the owner’s manual handy if you made the purchase. If you don’t have one, they are almost always online if you do a search using the manufacturer’s name and the model number with the words “panic bar owner’s manual” after them.

Your best source for quality panic bars and accessories

There are many sources for purchasing panic bars and/or educating yourself on their use and maintenance. You can visit architects, contractors and builders and speak to them about their recommendations for purchase and installation. Online versions of Home Depot, Lowe’s and Google shop offer many options. Amazon and E-Bay are also good sources for both purchasing and research. Don’t forget to call the manufacturer’s toll free number with any questions you may have – most have customer service departments that can answer any buying or installation questions that you may have.