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The Forgotten Door

So you might be wondering just what door could we possibly be talking about? Well, if you haven’t already figured it out, we’re talking about the sliding glass door that might lead to your backyard or patio. Many people forget to lock this door when they are leaving their home. This is the one door that you do not want to forget to secure. It is super easy for an intruder to break into your home through your sliding glass door. The reason this door is susceptible to intrusions is because it is out of the sight of other people.

You might think its funny that we would even mention to remember to lock your sliding glass door but you might be even more surprised to find out just how many people call us at Temecula Locksmith in Temecula, CA because they forgot to do this. It is a primary target for many burglars because they are aware of just how many people forget to lock them. If you do not wish to experience an invasion, every door and window should be secured prior to your leaving home. Sliding doors are very easy to break into.

Knowing this is all the more reason to make sure that this door in particular is always locked. If you have a sliding glass door, perhaps you should make a mental note to make sure you always double check to make sure your glass door is locked behind you.

Here are more reasons why your sliding glass door is susceptible to intrusions:

Easy Access- These types of doors only use one lock to keep them closed. It is for this reason that so many burglars make this their primary means of breaking into your home. Anyone can use a simple screwdriver to gain access back into your home. With only one lock, it doesn’t take much effort to break into your home. The material used to construct a sliding door isn’t usually the most durable and therefore they can also be easily kicked in. If you consult with a professional locksmith, we will be able to tell you what might be a better option for you.

Exposing Your Belongings- One reason that a lot of homeowners prefer a glass sliding door is because they like the natural light that comes in through them. Although this is a nice feature, it does leave you and your loved one susceptible to experiencing an intrusion. When a burglar can see what he stands to gain from breaking into your home, they are usually willing to take a chance if they see things of value to them.

So, while you may find this feature most appealing, you should actually consider having the window tinted or a window covering placed over the door. This way, they never have to know what you have inside. If they notice that they can’t see inside, they may just go elsewhere and not even risk being caught. Don’t make it easy for a burglar to get what they want, put something over the windows of your sliding glass door as soon as possible.

They Don’t Make Noise- The fact that the homeowners are not capable of actually hearing someone coming through a sliding door is very attractive to a would-be burglar. Since they slide, there is no chance of the door slamming behind them or closing even creaking when they close it behind them. They can get in and out without ever being detected. It only makes sense that since they can go undetected through your sliding glass door that they would use this door and not any other.

Ways to Secure Your Sliding Door

If you’re now worried about the lack of security that your sliding glass door now affords you, perhaps you should know just what you can do in order to better secure your existing sliding door.

1. Reinforced locks
One of the first things that our locksmiths suggest is that you add reinforced locks to the door. The existing hook and latch will not prevent an intruder from coming inside it they want to. It is easy to get through a sliding door and this is why it is most important to add an additional lock to your existing lock. We recommend an auxiliary lock that you will be able to open from inside your home. Our customers have found this to be an efficient way to secure their sliding glass door.

2. Have an Alarm Installed
If you have an existing alarm, you can request that your sliding door is also added to the alarm system. This gives you added security because whenever someone tries to break-in, the alarm will immediately detect it and alert the proper authorities. You would think that every door in the home is on the security system, however, not every homeowner thinks this is necessary. Perhaps now that they have read about how easy it is to compromise a sliding door, they will take the necessary steps to better secure it.

3. Investing in Commercial Grade Locks
You are allowed to use commercial locks wherever you like. We highly recommend that you use them on your sliding glass door. This offers you maximum security for your door. A commercial grade lock is a lot more durable than our standard latch key lock. We can advise you of the most appropriate locks to use on your sliding door. So feel free to contact one of our local locksmiths to find out which commercial locks we recommend you use for your door.

So instead of running out, buying a brand new door, there are some things you can do right now to secure your existing door. The key to your being able to prevent an intrusion via your sliding glass door is to be proactive. Do something to better secure the door before something happens that could have been avoided. Take the right steps today to better secure your home and protect your loved ones from potential harm.