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Steps to Take When Your Key is Stuck in the Ignition

It is simply dreedful when you are attempting to go somewhere in a hurry and you can’t because your key is stuck in the ignition. No matter the make or model car you have, you can still run into a problem with your ignition. None of them are immune to being damaged. The most common problems with your key can affect your ignition. This is why Temecula Locksmith in Temecula, CA is available to assist you with your locksmith service needs. We understand that problems occur when you least expect it. Our trustworthy locksmith technician are capable of helping you get your key from the ignition without further complications.

Ignition problems are a common occurance amongst motorists in Temecula. That is why 24-hour lock and key services are so popular. This is something that can happen to anyone at any time. You can’t predict when this will occur but you can be prepared by knowing who you will rely on in the event that it does happen to you. Despite the fact that you may have never been in this situation before, we are certain that you are able to imagine just how frustrating this type of problem can be. If your key is stuck in your ignition, you will not be able to operate your car. You’ll be stuck until you call on the services of a qualified locksmith to get you on the road again. No matter what time of the day or night, if you’re stuck, you’ll need help in a hurry to handle the situation for you.

ince we are aware of how often this problem occurs, we want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. If you find yourself in this situation, we want you to be able to effectivley get out of the situation without to much frustation. Below we offer some practical suggestions on what you can do before even contacting the services of a locksmith. The worst thing you can do is likely the one thing that you will do if you do not know any better. In some cases, you key can be released easily with some troubleshooting. However, on occasion, it might be necessary to call on the help of a locksmith if the key ned to be extracted or if the ignition cylinder needs replacing. Here is how you can safely and effectivley get your key out of your ignition.


If you’re key is stuck with the car turned on

  • Check gears. You cannot remove the key to turn it off it the car is in the parked position
  • Observe your dashboard to see if it matches the position of your lever. If necessary, shift it back to the correct position, this may extreact the key
  • Once you’ve checed the above, put the car back into the parked position and see if you have the same problem

If you’re key is stuck with the car turned off

  • If your cylinders are old it can cause your keys to become stuck
  • Gently move the steering column back and forth while gently attempting to remove the key from the ignition
  • If your dashboard lights are out, you might have a dead battery. If you have a dead battery, it will cause your key to get stuck inside the ignition. Without the car being able to turn on, it will not be able to communicate with the locks and therefore it is unable to identify the key chip
  • You can take some WD-40 and try loosening it so that it will come out. Never jerk the key out of the ignition as this could make the problem worse. You’ll have the key but you may break part of it off in the ignition or worse yet, you might damage the ignition further.

What to Do While Waiting for Help

In between the time that you are waiting for help to arrive and actually receiving the help you need, there are a couple of things that you can do.

      1. Keep the key in the lock position in order to avoid draining the battery
      2. If necessary, use a spare key to lock the car while you are waiting.

You can continue trying the steps above to resolve the problem but it might be best to leave it in the hands of a qualified locksmiths. The one thing you don’t want to do is make it worse than it already is. When it becomes worse than it is this means you’ll likely end up spending more money than is necessary. Sometimes it is just best to avoid the frustration and the lose of money by allowing us to get your key out of the ignition. However, we don’t want to discourage you from doing what you can. We would like to caution you of the results of your doings so.

What a Locksmith Will Do for You

The locksmith will not waste their time resolving the problem. After they have performed a thorough job of inspecting your lock and key, they will know the best techniques for extracting the key. Their job is to so safely and without causing further damage. They will generally inform you of the problem before they resolve it. Sometimes they may need to replace the cylinder and in others cases, all they need to do is spray the ignition. If you are using a bent key, this can cause your key to become stuck inside the ignition. They may need to make you a new key.

Do yourself and make sure you know who you can turn to in your time of need. Rely on a locksmith service like Temecula Locksmith who offers you 24-hour servicing. Afterall, when you’re spending your hard earned money, you want to make sure that it is being spent on the right service provider. Don’t just throw your money away. Get what you pay for from a qualified locksmith professional in Temecula.